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Our Process


As trailblazers in the biophilic design movement for chronic health conditions, we specialize in creating interior spaces that promote health, well-being and self-care practices by creating nurturing living environments for individuals seeking to improve, prevent, or even reverse chronic illnesses. Our designs not only optimize health and well-being but also promote longevity, vitality, and happiness, empowering individuals to lead longer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. Our evidence-based approach we call "healthy dwellings"  combines proven biophilic principles with the latest research in wellness and self-care practices. Our comprehensive healthy dwelling assessment evaluates your current or prospective residence, considering any health conditions you or your family may have. Based on our findings, we offer personalized design recommendations to enhance your home and optimize your overall health. Let us elevate your living environment and transform your quality of life today. 


What is biophilic design-5.jpg
What is biophilic design-5.jpg

Step One

After contacting Dayhouse Studio, a team member will send you an initial assessment that will begin the process of getting to know you. From this we will give you an estimate of what our full audit will cost.


Step Two

Greg and Dorothy will visit your residence where they will perform a comprehensive audit, considering your health concerns.

2-3 hours


Step Three

Follow-up Assessment Meeting:


Zoom or in-person call where Greg and Dorothy will give you personalized recommendations for  design and self-care implimentations.


What's included?

Healthy Dwelling Report:

- A detailed assessment of findings during the healthy dwelling audit, including pictures taken onsite.

- Tailored suggestions to enhance your home's health, addressing your specific health concerns.

Elevate your health

Contact Dayhouse for a Healthy Dwelling Assessment!



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